Marine Energies

Marine Energies

Climate change is a major global problem requiring effective global-to-local solutions if greenhouse gas emissions are to be reduced. It is one of the most serious environmental challenges to face our planet. Here is the importance of marine renewable energies technologies to combat GHG emissions and climate change.

Renewable energy sources such as wind, wave and tide are defined as clean energy sources that occur naturally and repeatedly in the environment and can be harnessed for human benefit. One main benefit of using renewable energy technologies for electricity generation is that they produce neither greenhouse gas emissions nor waste.

Marine Energies

Wind Power

It´s the development of wind energy technologies and their use to capture wind energy for electricity generation.

Wave Power

It´s the use of wave power technologies such as the oscillating water column shoreline device and the floating sea-snake articulated cylinder system.

Tidal Power

This can be generated by displacement of water within an impoundment, such as tidal lagoons or barrages, or tidal/current stream generators.