This section is intended to follow the Programmes where we consider is relevant to any of the cornerstones of CONCEPTUAL KLT , it means, programmes related to Knowledge, Transport, Logistic and Technologies.

24 Aug 2012

Work Programme 2013. Cooperation Theme 3.

ICT – Information and Communications Technologies.

20 Jul 2012


Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) can significantly contribute to a cleaner, safer and more efficient transport system. A new legal framework ( Directive 2010/40/EU) was adopted on 7 July 2010 to accelerate the deployment of these innovative transport technologies across Europe. This Directive is an important instrument for the coordinated implementation of ITS in Europe. It aims to establish interoperable and seamless ITS services while leaving Member States the freedom to decide which systems to invest in.

24 Aug 2012

The Transport Research & Innovation Portal (TRIP) gives you an overview of research activities at European and national level. For in-depth information, consult our programme and project profiles.

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